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Run for Art is an international contest for young photographers conceived by the Giulio Onesti Foundation. The aim of the competition is to combine art and sport, partnering up the creative energy of art and the strength released by sports determination through photography, the art form that best expresses this union.

Since its first edition, the competition has had the support of IOC Olympic Solidarity and the Italian National Olympic Committee.

Run Fort Art


The competition and related events have also obtained the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, given its international relevance and its worldwide promotion.

The contest is for young photographers, both amateur and professional, who are between 18 and 35 years old. For each edition a different theme is proposed and declined according to 5 different aspects: the number of categories symbolically represents the 5 Olympic rings. Themes such as ethics in sport, diversity, and inclusion are explored through the universal languages of sport and photography. As in a sports competition, 8 finalists are selected for each of the 5 categories, for a total of 40 photographs, which enter the final stage of the contest. The photographs are selected by an international jury of excellence, which ideally represents all the fields involved: from art to sport, from institutions to the media.

The purpose of the contest is to create a photographic exhibition that expresses the values of sport and its strong connection with art. The 40 finalist photographs are exhibited in museums and prestigious international locations; among the places that have hosted the Run for Art exhibitions during past editions: the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the MAXXI Museum in Rome, the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the Usina del Arte in Buenos Aires, the International Mugham Center in Baku and the Biltmore Hotel in Miami To accompany the exhibition, a photographic catalog is published in digital format.

Run for Art online exhibition

giulio onesti

Inaugurated in May 2021, the exhibition presents sport around the world as seen through the lenses of photographers, in a digital journey across five continents to discover various cultures and disciplines. Available on smartphones, tablets and computers, in Italian and English, the exhibition allows visitors to browse through the past editions and their categories and discover all the winning and finalist photographs.

The exhibition, which offers a unique experience to users thanks to the creation of a personalized itinerary, is enriched with multimedia materials, critical texts, and classical music compositions. The music is performed by the Rome Philharmonic Orchestra and Chamber Ensemble of Rome directed by Lorenzo Porzio, an Italian Olympic athlete, winner of a bronze medal in rowing at the 2004 Athens Olympics, and also a musician and orchestra director. This connection contributes to further strengthening the link between art, culture, and sport.


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