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Onesti nello Sport

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About us

Onesti nello Sport (Honest in Sport) is a national competition for Italian high school students organized every year since 2012 by the Foundation in collaboration with the Italian National Olympic Committee, the Italian Ministry of Education and, starting from 2023, the Sports Department of the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers

The competition aims to promote the culture of sport and Olympic values among young students, to educate them in a culture of fair play, respect, diversity, and inclusion. It calls for the production of multimedia work using new technologies, a symbol of the young generations: through their own digital languages, students become an active part in promoting and educating their peers on ethics and Olympism.

Participating students choose between two categories, according to the type of their project: the Music-video category provides to produce an original song and/or video with a maximum duration of 3 minutes; the Stories category provides to produce a short video with a maximum duration of 1 minute.

The selection of the videos submitted consists of two phases: an online vote, followed by the evaluation of a commission made up of representatives of the Italian Ministry of Education, the Sports Department and the Foundation itself. The two winning teams (12 students and two accompanying teachers) are rewarded with a five-day trip to attend a sporting event of international relevance.

About us
About us

The editions

  • I edition: The values of sport
  • II edition: The symbol of 2012
  • III edition: Sport and equal opportunities
  • IV edition: A kick to violence + Sport with a new friend
  • V edition: The Olympics I would like
  • VI edition: Sport and Tricolore
  • VII edition: A commercial for your sport
  • VIII edition: Women and sport
  • IX edition: Environment and sport
  • X edition: Stop bullying with sport
  • XI edition: Sport and family


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